A Vintage Romance

Chowpatty Sea Facing - South Mumbai

Prachi’s intention to compliment the heritage building located at the South of Mumbai , is a sublime blend of modernity, history and culture.
The focus was on respecting motif and construction methodology of the era.
She loves the music made by these pieces and the story they tell when put together. Prachi believes all objects must have an emotional connection, where you can leave your era and drift into theirs.
The clients were well travelled with impeccable exposure of culture from all around the world, to satisfy the high expectation Prachi went beyond her comfort zone to reach the clients need.
The chandelier glows beautifully in every room, a gorgeous reminder that the love of design, is visible throughout their home is informed just as much by luxury and beauty as by the constraints of function and practicality.
The master bedroom silently screams regal, with beautiful antique seating area to vintage hand painted lead chandeliers from Czechoslovakia and by adding deep mint hues with chocolate brown and ofcourse some gold.
On the whole, she was astonished how the gold gilded bathroom, a hand block painted wall in the living room with over the top chandeliers came together and created harmony in the house.